Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rose/Camellia kind of flower tutorial

Hi there, here I am giving a small tutorial of my recent Rose/Camellia kind of flower upon a request of some ladies so thanks for asking me and glad you liked the flower.
You will need few supplies to make this flower. Double sided paper, EK success large flower punch, your favorite glue, piece of foam.
I am using my old ball tool which I was using for making my gum-paste flowers :-) We will need it for smudging this paper petals but you can use any craft tool which is good for this purpose. I am also using piece of foam or a piece of Styrofoam under these petals for smudging.
Smudge these petals in alternate colors so you can get shaded flower.
Just glue all five or six different color petals in alternate position.
Add few green leaves to make it prettier.
Here you beautiful product just in few simple steps.
I also learned this one from someone couple of years back, I wish I could get a name of original artist so I can give her credit.


Andy said...

Thanks for sharing this tutorial, can't wait to try.

Megan said...

Thanks Archana. You did this tutorial real quick.

valita said...

beautiful flower!!