Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tilda Inspired Sewing Machine - How to..

Here I am trying to give a small tutorial of how I created this fabric sewing machine.

Here are some step by step pics..

First I drew free hand sewing machine pattern

Then I draw that on the fabric and made a stitch on the drawing lines

Then I cut the stitched shape

Inside out and stuffed with fiber stuffing

Stitched open part and secure

Created the base using chipboard and fabric using stuffing inside.

Use the wooden skewers as a Needle and also for Thread holder and that Skewer helped to get some sturdiness.

I have used some empty lace spool to make a wheel using some stuffing and ribbon and doily to decor.

Made couple of fabric flowers using same pattern fabric to give cute touch and also used some shabby crochet laces.

And it is done.

Hope it helpful to make you own project.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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gorgous, Archana.