Saturday, August 31, 2019

Paradise In August Collaboration

Dear All,
After so so long I had a chance to update my blog with this wonderful opportunity to create a project for and Reneabouquets Collaboration

I have all the products mentioned down below. 

Here is a Folio I have created for this Paradise In August Collaborations.

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Image may contain: 2 people

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For Crafty City

For ReneaBouquets
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Included in Treasure Box #1:
This Reneabouquets Treasure Box #1 is loaded with lots of gorgeous products that will have you reaching for it over and over again to create your Summer Arts, Crafts & DIY Decor Projects!! Each item in this box was selected by the Reneabouquets Design Team & is coordinated beautifully to make creating your own Beautiful With An Edge Art a breeze!

This Treasure Box Includes:
1 Yard-Mint Tulle Lace:
1 Yard Shabby Pink Dream Crochet Lace
1 Package Containing 1-Teal Pearl & Rhinestone Button & 1-Pink Pearl & Rhinestone Button
1- .6 Ounce Jar Beautiful Beads Iridescent Unicorn Candy
1-.4 Ounce Jar Flatback Pearls Cotton Candy
1 - .5 Ounce Jar Diamond Chunky Glitter
1 - .5 Ounce Jar Silver Pink Shard Glitter
1-Package Printed Beautiful Board Laser Cut Chipboard Containing 1-Small Ocean Orchid Mermaid & 1-Tiny Sunkissed Mermaid
1-Package Beautiful Board Laser Cut Chipboard Small Mermaids Welcome Sign
1-Package Beautiful Board Laser Cut Chipboard Small Salty Mermaid With Shells
1-Package Beautiful Board Laser Cut Chipboard Small Seashell Frame
1-Package Beautiful Board Laser Cut Chipboard Starfish Set
1-Package Beautiful Board Laser Cut Chipboard Small Pearls Of Wisdom Frame With Pearls
1-Package Aurora Pink Glitter Glass Butterflies
1-Package Tiny Treasures Butterflies that includes: 2-Darling Mint, 2-Sweet Pea Yellow * 2-Candy Pink Glitter Glass Butterflies
1-Package Pink Pendant Dragonflies
1-Package Tiny Treasures Dragonflies that includes-2- Shabby Golden Roses, 2-Enchanted, & 2- To Venus & Back Glitter Glass Dragonflies

Thanks for stopping by.
Love Always,


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