Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Picture Card

Good Morning!

Today's card is very special and cute and also easy to make, this card called "Step Card" because this card can stand, based on three steps, this card is specially designed for your picture, you can call it "Picture Card". I have learn this card from one of my favorite demonstrators, "Dawn Griffith's" video. I am learning a lot from her. You can visit her website -

Thanks Dawn for this card video.

My Picture Card theme is "MOM". I hope you will like it.



Dawn Griffith said...

Your card is amazing girlie!! Great Job.. :) I really love this card and the photo you added is just wonderful !
P.S Your blog is Great too :)
Happy Stampin!
Dawn Griffith .

Archana Joshi said...

Thank You so much Dawn for taking time and posting your sweeeeeeeeet comment!

Big Inky Hug!