Monday, October 26, 2015

Hexagon Shape Candy Holder Tutorial

Dear All,
Some of the friends are having a trouble of making these candy holders as some of the measurements were not right on my last post, which now I corrected. I am extremely sorry for that.

Here is the tutorial and hope it will be helpful !

Card Stock measurement - 7.5" X 6.5"

On 6 1/2 " Side score at 1/2" then every 1" increment till the end.

Turn the paper on 90 degrees so you will get 7 1/2" side, score at 1" , 1 1/2" and 2" from both ends.

Mountain fold both scored sides of 7 1/2" side.

Fold all 1" marks on 6 1/2 "side so you will get a roll.

Like so...

Use a strong glue on 1/2" fold and stick to the other end from inside.

Now easiest way to cut the diamonds on both ends, first mark on 1/2" in between all 1" score marks.

And with keeping tiny distance cut into diamond shape. Do not cut till the mark otherwise it will brake a part.

It will look like this when done.

To make this box sturdy and hold in a shape we will need two of 1 3/4" circles and we need to insert them in both ends and stick.

Just like this..

Now your box is ready. You can decorate how you prefer and insert your goodies inside and close both ends using beautiful decorative ribbons.

Thank you!!


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Juliette said...

Archana, what a lot of work you have put in, to make this tutorial so very clear to those of us who are beginners! Thank you, for giving up your valuable time, to help us all. You are amazingly talented and I really appreciate all that you have done, in sharing this with us. Big, big hugs!